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QA Automation Silver Bootcamp with Java by Slava Skryabin
The course is project-based with writing automation scripts against multiple test applications.

The course includes 80 hours of comprehensive lectures and 120 hours of immersive labs by arrangement. Immerse yourself in the world of QA automation with our intensive bootcamp and turn into a skilled automation engineer.
Slava Skryabin

VP of Engineering at one of the largest international IT companies. Designed and created Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript-based automation frameworks from the ground up that test UI, Mobile, Web-services, Databases, perform security vulnerabilities scanning. US Patent in automation architecture solutions..

What you'll learn
Develop automated tests using Java, Cucumber, and Selenium WebDriver
Test REST API using JSON/XML in Java automation projects
Create comprehensive End-to-End tests combining UI and REST API verification
Interact with multiple web pages: clicking buttons, entering text, selecting from drop-down menus, etc
Automate repetitive or manual tasks in your current work environment
Understand IaaS/PaaS/SaaS applications and related infrastructure
Grasp CI/CD concepts with practical Jenkins pipeline setup
Utilize Git for source control, including handling pull requests and merges
Update automation scenarios to accommodate changes in UI
Implement automated test cases using the Page Object pattern
  • Immerse yourself in project-based practice across a spectrum of applications.
  • Master automated testing using Java, Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Understand Xpath expressions and effective way to find and write them.
  • Learn browser dev tools to effectively navigate HTML DOM tree.
  • Study REST API Automation with Rest Assured.
  • Practice REST API CRUD operations and their QA automation.
  • Explore TDD/BDD, and understand why they dominate the industry. Learn Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber.
  • Walk through the installation and configuration of frameworks from scratch with Maven.
  • Grasp core concepts of Java and efficient learning methods. From JDK 8, 11, 17, 21 and beyond.
  • Dive deep into Selenium API: WebDriver, WebElement, Actions, WebDriverWait, Select, and more.
  • Understand Implicit and Explicit waits, and their appropriate usage.
  • Work with different HTML elements such as buttons, input fields, checkboxes, and more.
  • Understand data structures used in automation, like Arrays and Maps.
  • Grasp high-level web application architecture for effective testing planning.
  • Learn about Cucumber hooks, test runner, test context, and more.
  • Investigate various test data origins, such as data files and databases.
  • Master Jenkins automation jobs setup for continuous integration.
  • Review Jenkins pipelines for CI/CD (continuous integration / delivery).
  • Utilize Git for source control, including branching and merging.
  • Comprehend Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts – encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction, with practical automation examples.
  • Debug, fix and troubleshoot automation scenarios.
  • Embrace the SDET role: learning to utilize automation architectural patterns.
  • Prioritize scenarios to automate and replace existing manual test cases.
  • Automate real applications at work for tangible benefits.
  • Sharpen problem-solving skills through numerous coding challenges.
  • Understand cloud application infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) from a QA perspective.
  • Identify and address scenarios that are best handled by automation.
  • Explore security testing: identifying vulnerabilities and understanding the focus and benefits.
  • Review examples of setups, processes, and continuous integration/delivery methods.
  • Prepare to confidently demonstrate and defend your knowledge during interviews.
The course will start February, 26
from 6 pm to 8 pm (Pacific Time)
830 Stewart drive, #106,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085